Some people are more in touch with this reality than others, and some even live accordingly. For those who do not, I have spent more years in your ranks than outside of them; although I was miraculously converted to Christianity at an age just scant of fifteen, it is only in my most recent years and months but I realize the weight of the proclamation.  Perhaps, in a future post, I will tell you about my horrifying brush with atheism, which was curtailed by a Heaven-inspired conclusion: if there is no God, there is no reason for my existence.  Accordingly, I hereby dedicate this website, and all content which I shall  endeavor to create for it, to God, and the person of Jesus Christ, for there are many called "god", but, in all of history, there is only one by whom time, as we know it, has been divided:  Jesus Christ.  If you wish to call it the Common Era, please note that the time before said "Common Era" was defined by his appearance in history;  if you prefer the traditional B.C. as meaning before Christ and A.D., an abbreviation for the Latin anno domini, meaning, "in the year of our Lord", well, amen.  Either will work;  either are essentially proclaiming the same thing.  The Rabbi,  Yeshua, is unwieldy, and I love him;  more importantly, He loves me.  

My faith is the filter through which I experience the world, and it is the only lens which will allow you to see me clearly.   It was not always so with me, and I did not always feel so. However, the ground is truly level at the foot of His cross.  And bloodied.  And hallowed.

Soon enough, through my poetry and  writings, you will get to know me as an African-American, a widow,  and a soul who, like the ant crawling on a pillar of the Parthenon, is attempting to grasp the Ungraspable--God.