Light causes part of my garments to shine
It illuminates all creatures who are not blind,
separates darkness by shades
defines night against day
shapes the shadows which cannot fill it,
patterns the clouds against the hills--it
reflects, it sparkles, plays over the sea,
radiates from the sun; its heat touches me;
it traces the lace of the butterflies' wings and catches the meadow's mists; it sings
over the flowers, which are lit by the dew;
they scintillate because of it, bejeweled; failing blossoms adorned as with Mikimoto strands;
The Light made them all;

We--made the holes in His hands.

c. 2022, Debra Apedo, All Rights Reserved.


My "me" seems so small
the "M" and the "E"
four lines, and then three;
"COMPLETION," You see?
For stretched out upon two
crossed low, hanging high
O, infinite One,
for me Thou didst die!

c. 2022, Debra Apedo, All Rights Reserved.