If our faulty perspectives are shattered, does this not serve to let light IN?

Often, when we think of something being shattered we have a mental image of something broken into so many pieces as to be irreparable; some of these pieces are so small as to approximate dust and no longer bear any resemblance to the object from which they were shaken; they remain the same in substance, alone.

Still, within the DNA of that object or its chemical composition we see all of the components of the original on the molecular level:  shattered glass is still silicone; shattered pottery is still wrought clay.  

So, are shattered humans still human?

Often, things in nature must be shattered, or ruptured, before it can be fully useful, or enjoyed:  eggs are purposely shattered before they are eaten.  The most intimate part of the female anatomy must be partially shattered before the formation of new life can occur.  Ouch.

Glass doesn't feel, nor does pottery, nor does either typically shatter on its own.  some force is exerted upon the substance; it is hurled, or dropped, or knocked against something stronger or harder than itself.

Those donning skin and bones often suffer the same fate.

However, in stark contrast to inanimate objects, they feel.

Like eggshells, shattering can release what is precious inside of us and allow healing, and life to come into us.

And the shattering of our dark perspectives can finally allow us to see the light.

Welcome to SHATTERED.